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Melbourne Fireworks 2017 Flagstaff Gardens Happy New Year

Melbourne Fireworks 2017 From Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Victoria Australia Video Happy New Year 2017

Melbourne Fireworks 2017 Happy New Year From Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Victoria Australia Melbourne Fireworks 2017 was a breath of fresh air! The whole world has finally made it through the hellish 2016 (hottest year on record and a massive amount of celebrities, relatives and friends passing) and out the other...

Quiet Cafes in Melbourne CBD

Quiet Cafes in Melbourne CBD. Where are they?

Quiet Cafes in Melbourne CBD. Where are they? Quiet cafes in Melbourne CBD are difficult to find. The main problem I have with many cafes in Melbourne is the propensity to play loud music like nightclubs. I want to have a coffee and write a story. I need silence, or...

Waterside Hotel Melbourne

The Waterside Hotel Melbourne CBD

Waterside Hotel The Waterside Hotel has been serving patrons since 1853 and it is a well known pub in the Melbourne CBD. Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Waterside Hotel and write a review about it for Weekend Notes. Check out the review here: Waterside Hotel Melbourne CBD

Fairview Western Cape Town Wine Cheese and Goats South Africa

Fairview Western Cape Town Wine Cheese and Goats South Africa’s Western Cape is home to the country’s best winelands and many famous wine farms dating back to colonial times, when the Dutch and French settlers planted the first vineyards. One of these historic wine farms is Fairview – founded back...

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Star Trek with the Outside In Boldly Goes Book

Outside In Boldly Goes Book. 117 Authors Write About The Original Star Trek Series for Charity.

Outside In Boldly Goes Celebrates Star Trek 117 Authors Write About The Original Star Trek Series for Charity. If you have ever been interested in travelling off Earth, then you probably know about Star Trek. Well, I recently had the honor of being asked to write a short story for a new...

Pokemon Go Sydney. A Look At Some Images Around Sydney, Australia With Pokémon!

Pokemon Go Sydney Well, with worldwide interest in Pokemon Go quickly waning, (actual peak interest was in late July) it’s time to take a final look at this gaming craze that had many generations interested, and increased activity in young gamers for the first time, with a focus on Pokemon...

Mrs Parma's

Mrs Parma’s and Her Five Draughts Review on WeekendNotes

Mrs Parma’s Mrs Parma’s is a neat little bar in Melbourne serving a set selection of 5 craft beers on a round paddle for just $14, at the time of writing. I recently wrote about them for WeekendNotes. You can find out more here: Mrs Parma’s Restaurant

Rhine Valley Vineyards Bacharach Germany Europe

The Rhine Valley and Germany’s Wine. Rheintal Deutschland Wein.

The Rhine Valley and Germany’s Wine. Rheintal Deutschland Wein. Did you know that European wine is commonly referred to by geographical region as well as by varietal? France has Beaujolais and Champagne, Italy has Chianti, and Germany has the Rhine Valley (Rheintal) as its very own famous wine region. Germany (Deutschland)...

Manchester Press Cafe Melbourne

Manchester Press Cafe Melbourne. MP Review on WeekendNotes

Manchester Press Cafe Melbourne One of the things I love about Melbourne is the absolutely huge amount of coffee shops. There are literally blocks of coffee shops, all offering something a bit different, and all able to survive in the industry as everyone loves trying a new cafe every now...

Izakaya Masuya Sake Tasting Set

Izakaya Masuya. Japanese Seafood Restaurant Sydney.

Izakaya Masuya Masuya International’s Izakaya Masuya is a surprising Japanese restaurant in the heart of Sydney city on O’Connell Street. Serving a variety of dishes and drinks not available anywhere else, including a sake tasting set of five, this is a must visit for anyone looking to do something a...