Australia to Singapore to England 1st-2nd August

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Flight into Singapore from Australia, then on to London, England
Well, I'm on the flight to Singapore, having just finished a nice meal of chicken & rice and thought I'd throw a few thoughts down - like the current position as I write this.
Ground Speed 883km/h, Time to Singapore 4:19, Altitude 10700m, Outside Air Temp -43C, Head Wind 51km/h

Local time in Sydney 7:13am. Local Time at Present Position 6:43am. Local time in Singapore 5:13am Estimated time of arrival 9.29pm.

The seats have LCD colour screens strapped into the back of them and I've got a choice of 22 channels. I've just watched the latest Brendan Fraser movie - the Mummy - and am now about to watch Entrapment.

Now this may not be a good idea as I've only had about two hours sleep in the last 30 and don't plan on getting any when I'm in Singapore, but you only live once right?!

I've got a personal phone next to my seat so if I wanted to call home I could do so, for 79c per 6 seconds. Maybe on the way back!
The humidity is parching as I rush to my room and drink from the ice water that was left for me. Suddenly the hotel room phone rings. It is a friend of mine who saw from my message board what places I was going to be at. So we chatted and I told her that I discovered something very strange about Singapore - It looks like Bankstown. Street lamps, street signs, buildings, pictures and more. It even has an Orchard St like Chester Hill and roadworks like Sydney. In fact there's so little difference that it took me awhile to spot that the roads are lined with trees.

Concorde Hotel is nice. I'm on the 18th floor and the view is pretty good. My bed is like two doubles joined together. The lift is glass and the view is worthwhile.


Slept through the alarm! Or it didn't go off. Either way, I'm extremely angry. I have a 12 hour plane trip ahead and haven't had the chance to have a shower. (thankfully I awoke with an hour to spare) Madly rang reception and requested a taxi - No chance to take photos, send emails or anything. I shouldn't have slept.

Checked out and was guided to a taxi by someone who quickly said "Anything for me?" I found out that taxis usually cost $15SG to the airport and I had $20 so I reckon I could afford to give him $2. That left $18 for the taxi which got me to the airport with time to spare. $16 plus $2 tip. Worked out well.

Got here at 8:30am and was sent into a waiting area behind the boarding check in counter. No facilities, toilets, food places or anything. And the flight has been delayed 20 minutes! Oh well. 

The flight eventually came and was uneventful. I read the inflight mag, watched some TV and ate, desperately wanting a shower. Eventually got to Heathrow airport and was surprised by how small it was. Negotiated my way out through customs to the buses which took me to the train station and on to Windsor.

or skip the first day - go to Windsor

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