Travelling around Windsor and London 5th August

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Windsor and London
Another night with only 4 hours sleep. That squeaking bed! Note, Windsor people are wowsers. Or rather, the people staying there are asleep by 11:00pm and don't get up til after 7:00am. Clement, a guy from France, is the exception and he was able to chat with me until after closing, in the TV room. After that I helped a young girl play poker with some other young people from Italy. The cards only contained 7 Aces so it wasn't difficult to win. The girl I helped was from Lancaster and hadn't played Poker in ages.

Met Anja at the YHA and will be meeting her for a drink tonight at 7:30pm at Nelson's Column.

[Maps do not have 'You are here' arrows. They just show the surrounding areas with not much detail and you've got to work it out for yourself.]

I took the train to London again! After wandering around Windsor, going to the bank (finally) getting photos developed, getting a padded envelope to send stuff to Oz, as well as souvenirs, and stopping in at a petshop with a gorgeous blond sales assistant! Also, before London, I stopped at what was supposed to be a multistore which sold stamps but it was closed with no reason for it. :(

Wandered around London and had a look around Sega World - the rides look 'sickening'.

[When passing someone on the street, step to the right, not the left as in Australia]

Lots of walking and seeing the sights. Took an official London Tourist bus for 12 pounds. If you ever plan on doing this and, like me, you can't wear those ear plug head phones, take your own for the commentary or sit downstairs. (There's a plug-in box next to the seats but if you're up the top then it's very difficult to hear)

[I was told by a regular hosteller that the Windsor Hostel is really crap. Having just walked into the Earls Court YHA I have to disagree! More facilities but definitely not as clean as the Windsor YHA]

After that I found Fitzroy Tavern and met Michael who was able to point out some people.  I was only there for an hour so I didn't get to meet many people.

Chatted to a couple of people there who filled me in on what happens or doesn't happen there. About 100 Doctor Who fans congregate there on the 1st Thursday every month. I saw Gareth Thomas, Steven Moffatt, Gary Gillat and Laurence Miles. Only spoke to Laurence briefly, not to the others. I was hoping to catch Paul Cornell there but I had already a priority engagement with Anja so it wasn't to be.

I had a question from one of the people there. They asked me if I was related to a guy called Simon in Sydney. No!

[One of the things I bought from the supermarket in Windsor was a pack of 7 day bread, specially made to last longer. It only lasted me 3 days because I ate it but the bread was still soft and edible like it had just been baked that morning. Worth it!]

Met Anja at Nelson's column and went down to Fleet Street to visit the Ye Old Cheshire Cheese.

The problem with places saying that they've been open for over 300 years is that you go in and find TV, air conditioning, speakers and more, which kind of defeats the purpose.

We drank a beer then were running late for the train and missed it. I rang for the code for the YHA so that we could go in after 11. We stopped at the bridge (Waterloo) and looked at Big Ben and Westminster's night lighting. Kind of made it worthwhile.

Next train wasn't until 10.42 so we had another drink in a pub near the train station then headed back. I had a great conversation with Anja and gave her a hug before heading back to my room... by myself, again! Did I miss the opportunity by not offering to get a hotel room? Not sure, not good at reading signals. :(

(For those of you reading my travelogues you may remember that in my USA travelogue at about the same time into the journey I met another German girl who I shook the hand of before leaving for the night. Is this because I'm too polite or because I'm attracted to conservative girls? I resolve to change this before the end of this trip!)
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