The Laira McLaren Vale Shiraz Vintage 2013 Wine Tasting Commentary Review #79

McLaren Vale Shiraz

McLaren Vale Shiraz is my favourite red wine from Australia. McLaren Vale is the area that the shiraz is grown, so it is up to the producers to then bring out the best flavour. Does it mean that McLaren Vale Shiraz is best because of the vineyards, the producers or the weather? The best combination of all three, I would guess.


Of the shiraz I have tasted from around Australia, from Heathcote to Margaret River, Barossa to Hunter Valley, I keep coming back to the thicker, juicier, higher alcohol content of shiraz from McLaren Vale. Of course, each area of Australia can create a different type of shiraz depending on the terroir, and the lighter styles will appeal to different people, but for me, a thicker, juicier shiraz is what I’m after. Aged in oak, then aged in bottles, definitely more my style.

The video wine tasting review below is of The Laira McLaren Vale Shiraz Vintage 2013. I actually didn’t have much to say about this wine as I was enjoying it too much. Suffice to say, watch the video and see what you think. Enjoy in moderation. 🙂


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