Pokemon Go Sydney. A Look At Some Images Around Sydney, Australia With Pokémon!

Pokemon Go Sydney

Well, with worldwide interest in Pokemon Go quickly waning, (actual peak interest was in late July) it’s time to take a final look at this gaming craze that had many generations interested, and increased activity in young gamers for the first time, with a focus on Pokemon Go Sydney players.

I haven’t enjoyed a game this so much since Pacman, which was probably how long ago I was actually interested in playing a digital game. I grew up with friend’s handheld Octopus, Donkey Kong and Oil Panic Nintendo games before playing the 20c slot games like Pacman and Space Invaders.

When my neighbour got a TV game it was the little white bars that knocked a square box across a line that was a hit. Known as TV tennis or rather, the pock pock game, it got neighbours in the street to join each other and compete with their joysticks to increase points on the black and white screen.

Now we have no need of people to play games with us. We can play them individually on our phones wherever we like. Usually this meant inside. But with the advent of Pokemon Go, this all changed. Now we not only want to go outside to catch Pokemon using the technology of Google Maps, we can also learn about things outside as well. Pokestops show us features and locations that we usually didn’t know existed.

I used Pokemon Go to help me find a cafe in Melbourne. During a track work period coaches replaced trains through Goulburn and Pokemon Go was able to point out where the Big Marino was. The pokestop showed a picture, I looked up from my phone and there it was outside the window of the coach.

Pokemon Go has also got me back into my usual walking habit. For years I haven’t really walked more than an hour a day, on average. With eggs to hatch, this has increased to two hours. So, I’m probably fitter than I’ve been in ten years.

And so, in celebration of this great little program, here is a huge series of pictures that I’ve taken using the Pokemon Go Sydney app, featuring Pokemon in special places around Sydney. Sydneysiders may recognise even the most basic things like the escalator in one picture and the table and wine glass in another. If you’ve lived in Sydney for more than ten years, and tend to socialise, you’ll recognise most these places. If you like, see if you can guess them all in the comments.


IMG_2016-07-10-09513889  IMG_2016-07-11-17551730 IMG_2016-07-13-16211863 IMG_2016-07-14-13542633 IMG_2016-07-14-14042994 IMG_2016-07-14-14335838 IMG_2016-07-14-14440540 IMG_2016-07-14-18253829 IMG_2016-07-14-19585938 IMG_2016-07-15-12280815 IMG_2016-07-15-12293476 IMG_2016-07-15-14590755 IMG_2016-07-15-15520371 IMG_2016-07-15-22071322 IMG_2016-07-17-14441080 IMG_2016-07-18-17540943 IMG_2016-07-22-06581696 IMG_2016-07-24-13174192 IMG_2016-07-24-14393707  IMG_2016-08-15-10470485 pokemon-go-01  Screenshot_2016-07-24-13-32-35

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