Top 10 Space Travel Tourism Holidays. The Future. Orbiting Tourism Hotels? Vacation Resorts on the Moon?

Space Travel Tourism Holidays Top 10. The Future. Orbiting Tourism Hotels? Vacation Resorts on the Moon? When will space holidays happen? Personal Spaceflight.

I’m all for space travel. One of the things that drives my passion for travel and exploring new things, meeting new people, tasting new types of food and generally experiencing as much as possible in this short time we have on this planet, is that all these experiences down here will prepare me for new experiences up there. I am getting ready for a trip to space, the moon, mars and beyond.

Space Travel. Looking forward to visiting Pluto.
Space Travel. Next stop, Pluto

Now, while many travel agencies are quite happy to take deposits for trips that may not happen for decades, there are some legitimate businesses trying to make this happen for us within the next few years. Yes, space travel is really just around the corner.

Here are your top 10 possibilities along with some projected timelines for travelling into space. Be prepared for number 1!

(This list last updated June 2015)


10. Virgin Galactic

Tickets are on sale at $US250,000. Spend 3 days travelling and in orbit. No set flight dates as yet, but over 700 people have already booked so it’s a sure thing. It is just a matter of time. I’m guessing we’ll get the first flights in 2016.


9. Space Adventures

A variety of experiences are currently available from lower Earth orbit to visits to the space station. Tickets range from $US100,000 for sub orbital flights to $US40,000,000 for visits to the space station. Check with them directly for price changes and any additional charges.


8. Golden Spike

This private company is currently developing a lunar lander that will enable private Earthlings a visit to the moon and a walk around. They may remain on the moon for up to one week. Golden Spike hopes to begin test launches in 2016 with tourists visiting the moon by about 2021. Tickets start from about $US2 billion but funding for development will always be required. You can donate to them directly if you wish to help (not tax deductible)


7. SpaceX

SpaceX’s very admirable goal is a reusable rocket and they’re working hard to perfect them. They’ve already done several supply missions to the international space station but the rockets tend not to last long, so more R&D is needed. Definitely one to watch but it seems private tourism with this company may be a bit further away. Definitely likely to happen, though!


6. Xcor

Currently offering suborbital flights for $US100,000 with a plan to expand their service in the future. Not really promoting themselves that much.


5. Blue Origin

While nothing much is happening that can be discerned from a space tourist perspective, the fact that this is owned by the same person who owns Amazon is cause for pause. Amazon makes billions every year so there would not be any shortage of investment for this company. While they’re currently at #5 on the list, wait for an explosion of development that will shift them up!


4. Space Island Group

This organisation has been around a long time and their website hasn’t really been updated that much to let us know what they’re up to now. However, this company is working closely with NASA and could possibly even be its unofficial commercial arm. In which case this company still has a huge amount of potential. Their long term goal is to create hundreds (thousands?) of living areas in orbit where millions of people can live. Their goals are definitely doable, so I look forward to taking a holiday in one of their space station resorts in the not too distant future.


3. Mars One

One-way trip to Mars! Anyone? Anyone? Okay, while the idea of giving up everyone and everything on Earth may hold you back, this is currently the ONLY organisation offering a legitimate and believable trip to Mars. Not only that, it is completely non-profit – for the benefit of humanity. I can’t rave enough about this company! And when return trips become easy, I’ll be one of the first on board!


2. Sierra Nevada Corporation

This company is a bit cheesed off at the moment. After all their hard work for NASA, they lost the contracts to Boeing and SpaceX in 2014 but decided to continue their projects regardless. Hell hath no fury like a rocket scientist scorned, so I put this one as number two on the list. Their Dream Chaser designs are fascinating and they have an “I’ll show you!” attitude, so I’m excited by what they have in store. (They were the ones behind the Mars Rovers. One still going strong!) The Dream Team are creating a production line for multiple spacecraft. Think Boeing 50 years on and you’ll be close. Or think Star Trek’s orbital spacecraft production facilities. In any case, I’m looking forward to Sierra Nevada’s next release. I have a feeling this this company is going to be the one that puts space travel on the intergalactic map.


1. Aliens!

With Governments around the world releasing their documents about their alien connections, fringe organisations saying that Official First Contact is imminent, and scientists working together on a possible welcome message, many are expecting aliens to turn up to give us free rides in their UFOS sometime between 2025 and 2033. For those of us that don’t have a spare billion or two for a space travel adventure, it might be best to wait!

If you know of other space holiday companies, please comment below so that everyone can hear about them. The sooner humanity gets into space, the better! My personal feeling is that we’ll all leave this tiny little rock to new owners within a thousand years, so let’s get ready now!

However, if you have no intention of ever going into space in this lifetime, but are still curious and want to see the moon up close, then I thoroughly recommend the Nikon coolpix P900 with an 83X optical zoom! Words cannot describe it, but if you have one of these on Earth, then you’ll be getting a similar view of the moon to one you would get if you were in orbit. Check out this cool video:

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