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It’s great to have you with me! Like me you love reading about places, drinks and food around the world, and this blog is all about that. It’s actually been two years in the making. I have thousands of reviews of great restaurants, awesome places, amazing wine and more. Pictures, videos, and adventures. There’s so much to write about that it’ll be years before I catch up, so I hope you enjoy the ride!

To start, expect to read (and see if there’s a video!)

– Restaurants, food and wine in Australia, Japan and other places around the world

– Some awesome experiences including visiting a ninja restaurant, climbing mount Fuji, caving in New Zealand, not to mention a cruise to Vanuatu!

– A different blog focus every day, plus some random blogs about random stuff, like books I’m writing at the moment!

and much more!

Stay tuned. My first post starts tomorrow!

– Neil

  • Neil A is an author, blogger and tutor, with a variety of books on Amazon. Check out his children's series here: http://www.AlienCharacters.com