Iwanohara Wine Niigata Prefecture Japan. Japanese Muscat A Dry Red Review Video.

Iwanohara Wine Niigata Prefecture Japan


Iwanohara Wine is a delicious and slightly sweet wine from Niigata Prefecture Japan.

This review is about enjoying the Japanese Muscat A Dry Red Wine next to Niigata City River. My tasting commentary review is below.


I had the pleasure of being able to drink a glass of wine on the street near the river in Niigata City. Something that’s just not legal in Sydney City and surrounding suburbs.

The wine was a Japanese red from the Niigata Prefecture Iwanohara region and tasted of fresh fruit, strawberrys, bitter cherries and rasberry. The ideal wine for Rose and Bordeaux lovers but definitely not for fans of Shiraz.

I was surprised to find that the bottle used a cork. Having twist top bottles in Australia for 10 years I’d forgotten the rest of the world still prefers the old fashioned style. Of course I didn’t have a cork remover with me so I pushed the cork into the wine to open it. So, slightly corked wine but I doubt there was much change to the flavour as it wasn’t that complex.

I have created a much detailed review about the history of the Muscat Bailey A and Iwanohara Wine in a review for Wine Cooler Direct. You can read it here:

Zen Red Muscat Bailey A: “Goodness of the Rock”

Anyway, enjoy the wine review video!

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