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Luna Park Sydney

Luna Park Amusement theme park Sydney
Luna Park Sydney

Would you believe this is my first time to Luna Park? I’ve lived in Sydney for decades! However I believe that this is due to the fact that whenever I had thought about going there, it had been closed down. I remember hearing about the fire in the ghost train ride in 1979 which shut it down for a few years, and then it being shut down again several times by nearby residents due to the roller coaster screams, but it’s been happily open for some time now thanks to changing laws and the like, and I was finally able to visit!


OMG! Luna Park is like something from the 1930s! There are old drawings, old style buildings, old style games and even areas that look like they should have a demolition order on them! I had no idea that the park meant a trip back in time. I was completely expecting something more modern. (Don’t worry, since the fire in 1979 Luna Park has had to go through several safety screenings and regular inspections. Even though it looks old, it continues to pass safety checks.) Check out the Coney Island Rides if you want to know what 1930s fun looked like! The Coney Island ride is basically an arcade area with large slides.

I was pleased to see that some rides had a viewing area so you could see what the ride was like before you chose to go on it. Coney Island was one of those.


Even so, if you’re looking for something to do during the school holidays that’s a bit different, and doesn’t involve a computer, this is the ideal place.




People in costumes.


Giant Minions displays this time around.


Lots of fair ground games.



And of course, plenty of theme park food at city prices.


I was actually surprised by the size of Luna Park Sydney.


Having seen it from a distance across Sydney Harbour from Circular Quay, I could usually only see a few things lit up at night, and thought it was probably only about 500 square metres. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a hidden back area where there are a lot more things to do.





There were some really cool things past Coney Island, along with a picnic area. Possibly added in the past few decades?




There are actually over 20 rides in the theme park (though some have height restrictions) so if you wanted to go on all the ones you were the right height for, it would take you more than a day.

Note that there is also the option to take a couple of sample rides for $16.


Check out The Rotor. A ride that was first put into action in the 1950s. Still going strong. The viewing area allows you to see how it works. Looks like fun!


The best thing though is that a new bar has been built with wine and craft beer available. (The Deck) So if you’re there with kids that don’t need to be supervised (over 16) you can spend some time relaxing while they spend time on the rides. Ideal if you go there several times a year.


Ticket prices July 2015:

If you plan to visit Luna Park these school holidays, make sure you take plenty of cash. Here’s a quick tally.

Unlimited Rides Pass – Yellow (130cm+) 49.95
Unlimited Rides Pass – Green (106-129cm) 39.95
Unlimited Rides Pass – Red (85-105cm) 29.95

Let’s say you’re all above 130cm and there are 4 of you.

4 x $49.95 = $199.98+Card fee?

Lunch combo $16.00+ per person = $64

Show bags: $30 x 2 = $60

Fairy Floss, between meal snacks, bar drinks. Add another $50+.

If you’re coming by car, parking is $35 (unless you plan to be there less than 4 hours)

Estimated total (it’ll probably be more than this for your individual circumstances) $410

If you’re a dad paying for a family, that might be a bit much. If you’re a group all paying for yourselves, then just over $100 per person for a day out is pretty reasonable in the city.

Of course, entry is free, so if you were just curious and didn’t have that much to spend, you could get a cheap Opal $2.50 Sunday return train ticket, get off at Milson’s Point station and wander around Luna Park for free.

Some ride names:

Wild Mouse
Ferris Wheel
Hair Raiser
Tango Train
Tumble Bug
Dodgem City
Moon Ranger
Whirly Wheel
Space Shuttle
Magic Castle
Joy Wheel
Wonky Walk
Turkey Trot
Mirror Maze
Devil’s Drop
Barrels of Fun

Check out my video highlights below.

Have fun!

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