Niigata Supermarkets Seafood Japan. Japanese Ivory Shell, Icelandic Salty Whale, Sweet Chilli Fish, Clams and More!

Niigata Supermarkets Seafood

There’s a reason why I explored Niigata Supermarkets Seafood. One of the many incentives for being in love with everything Japanese is the food. As I’m pretty much allergic to just about any western food (dairy, gluten, legumes, cereal, beans, orange juice, pasta, bread etc) I’m very happy to be able to eat just about anything in Japan (sans fusion food!) and not have to worry about IBS.

Niigata Supermarkets Seafood
Niigata Supermarkets Seafood

So visiting a supermarket in Japan and seeing rows and rows of a huge variety of seafood definitely got my stomach rumbling (and other parts sighing in relief!)


As my time in Niigata was limited I only looked at the seafood that needed to be eaten quickly. Below are some amazingly tasty delights from the sea. Have you tried any of them?
All are to be eaten as is, though the Baigai (Japanese Ivory Shell or Japanese Babylon Shell) should be served boiled.


Shio Kujira – Salty Whale from Iceland (added to miso soup the next morning)


Waka Sagi (Fish with sweet chilli sauce)


Asari (clams from Hokkaido)


Mentaiko (Tarafish – Tarako with chilli – fish eggs)


Hotate (scallops)


Chirimen (Sake Salmon with small fish)


They were delicious! If you’re on a budget I recommend you check out Niigata Supermarkets Seafood and see if there is anything that fits your spend. There is so much to choose from there must be something. Failing that, you could always go fishing!

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