Niigata Seafood Markets. Hidden Shops, Stalls & Street Fish Markets in Japan

Niigata Seafood Markets Japan

Hidden away in hard to find areas in Niigata City Japan are little alcoves of Niigata seafood markets and vendors selling a variety of rare and exotic seafood.

Niigata Seafood Markets Giant Oysters
Giant Oysters at Niigata Seafood Markets

I was amazed by the variety, the low cost and the easiness of being able to buy and eat just about anything available.


There is a public seafood market that can’t be seen until you actually go through the sliding doors of an innocuous looking shopping mall entrance…


and more hard to find doors leading to retailers who can not only sell you things you’ve never seen before, but offer to cut them up for you so you can eat them in a tiny food court style setting near their shop.


The seafood is really fresh.




This one was still breathing in its shell when we bought it.


It had stopped moving by the time it was cut up and served to us on a plate.



The food was amazing!


These oysters were ginormous!


The only way to find this place though is to read a Japanese magazine which tells you how to get there!


If it was promoted more they’d probably sell out within hours.

Check it out!


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