About the Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market for Tourists. Foreigners Are Not Usually Allowed at Auctions Anymore.


The Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Market is THE place to go in Tokyo if you want to explore seafood.

Some things have changed since all those fantastic reviews made it online though!

1. Foreigners are unlikely to have access to the auctions anymore. No more 5am tuna auction for tourists.
2. On the rare occasion they make the auction available to tourists, you must line up by 3am for a 3.30am entry and there is a maximum of about 120 people allowed in. As it is easy to get lost, perhaps get there earlier than that!
3. While sellers will have their goods on display early, the public markets won’t open until 9am. Suggest arriving around 8am and walking around.
4. Everyone begins packing up around 12pm so don’t plan to go there for lunch!

So, if, like me, you love seafood for breakfast, be at the fishmarkets around 9am for some amazing seafood. Take an expert friend along with you who can advise you what you can and can’t eat raw and then try as much as you can.

If you miss it, there are plenty of places nearby. Check out my review of a nearby restaurant here:

Tsukiji Fish Markets, Tokyo, Japan. Nearby Restaurant Serving Sushi, Sashimi, Sea Urchin, Kamenote and more. )

Below is a quick video of the closed Tsukiji fish market of Tokyo! Apparently they’re closed every 1st and 4th Wednesday. Unfortunately that’s usually when I have ended up there to check it out. (Or arrived too late in the day)

Oh well. Better luck next time.

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