Streets of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Video.

This short video simply shows you some buildings in Shibuya.


And here is a picture of some blurred-out people waiting at Hachiko. The Hachiko waiting area stretches out across the square.


Here is a picture of some wine for sale in a store in Shibuya.

Remember you can get these kinds of drinks just about anywhere in Japan. Some are even available in on-street vending machines and on various floors inside hotels. There isn’t much of a restriction.


However, you might be surprised at some of the prices if you’re from Australia. We usually pay about 3 times more than the rest of the world for our imported drinks so seeing our own wine for sale in Japan at a saving of at least $10 a bottle compared to prices in Sydney is still a big surprise. Essentially, if you bought Australian wine in bulk from regular stores in Japan and shipped it back to Australia, you could still sell it in Australia at the RRP and make a profit!

In any case, drinking in Japan is pretty cheap. Save your drinking until you get here!

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