Shibuya Crossing aka Shibuya Scramble in Tokyo, Japan. Shibuya Ekimae Kosaten is where a million people cross daily. Video.

The Shibuya Crossing, otherwise known as Shibuya Scramble, (also known as Shibuya Ekimae Kosaten) is one of the most busiest pedestrian crossings in the world with an estimated million people crossing it daily. (About, on average, 2500 people cross every time the light changes)

While it is not that busy during a weekday during the daytime, it may seem like you’re risking your life on weekends and during peak times.

Below is a video showing the area, the crossing and a view of the crossing zoomed in from the Hikarie building.

If you wish to join in, go to Shibuya station and take the Hachiko exit. You may find others there waiting with cameras and mobiles ready to record you crossing!

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