Street Markets, Food Markets near Tsukiji Fish Markets, Tokyo, Japan. Video.


This is just a short walk from the Tsukiji Fish Markets and so, if you find the seafood markets closed when you get there, there are still plenty of other options available to you.

What impressed me about the food markets was that, unlike other bazaars and street food markets around the world, everything was spotlessly clean, all pieces of food were individually wrapped or in their own resealable pouches or under clean glass covering with not a speck of cooked or raw food dropped on any surfaces.

You could even buy individual oysters, eat one, then be offered a wet towel to wipe your hands on when you returned the empty shell to the seller.

Seeing such a hygienic and spotless environment for a street market makes me wonder why other countries can’t do this. It would certainly reduce the chance of travellers getting something equivalent to Bali Belly.

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