Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival Review and Video

The Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival

I just had the pleasure of attending the Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival inside Sydney’s Town Hall. I was quite impressed to see such a well-organised event with, according to Facebook, over 11,000 attendees across the weekend. I very much enjoyed being able to taste quite a lot of wine from many parts of Italy.

The Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival Town Hall
The Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival

It was amazing to try so many Italian wines. It was even more incredible to experience the taste of so many grape varieties that are hard to find in Sydney.

We tried Acitana, Albaranzeuli Nero, Barbera del Sannio, Corvina, Croatina, Fertilia, Montepulciano, Nebbiolo, and several others.

I was hoping to find some Sangre di Guida (Sangue di Giuda) but alas, there was not a drop. However, there were many others worthy of a taste.


The $35 on the spot entry fee for the 6pm Sunday night session gave us the opportunity to try hundreds of Italian wines from various areas. Each stall was designated a particular region of Italy and, for the experts, the terroire would be quite noticeable as a result.


For those just discovering wine, being able to taste something that doesn’t taste like house white or house red would be a great experience for them and increase their appreciation of the vino.


My favourite of the night goes to a wine which was spicier than expected, had a more complex aroma than the label suggested, and tickled our palets in such a way we had to go back for a second try, as well as recommend it to some of our friends we met at the event.

So I’m recommending it to you too. It’s called Serralunga and it is by Pira.


Check it out!

Looking forward to the next one.

8 second video of the event here:

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