Melbourne Fireworks 2017 From Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Victoria Australia Video Happy New Year 2017

Melbourne Fireworks Flagstaff Gardens 2017

Melbourne Fireworks 2017 Happy New Year From Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Victoria Australia

Melbourne Fireworks 2017 was a breath of fresh air!

The whole world has finally made it through the hellish 2016 (hottest year on record and a massive amount of celebrities, relatives and friends passing) and out the other end into the bright and shiny new 2017, full of promise.

My new year’s resolution is to write more and live more in the now and to stop thinking about the past. Set some long term goals, divide them into incremental, daily steps and focus on things hour to hour. This has been the recommendations by wise people for millennia. Let’s see if I can do it too!

Melbourne Fireworks 2017 New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Recently I was able to attend the Melbourne New Year’s Eve Fireworks for the very first time. Having lived in Sydney most of my life, and having seen all manner of fireworks, from our backyard fireworks more than 30 years ago (before they were banned in NSW) to the Richmond Show Fireworks, Easter Show Fireworks to fireworks in bays, on rivers, in suburban parks, fireworks from highrise buildings and of course the crazy people-mash that is the Sydney Harbour fireworks, I had gone completely off anything to do with them. But, with a new location comes new interest, so I decided to check out the Melbourne Fireworks.

Sydney Harbour 2017 New Year’s Eve Fireworks

One of the things that makes Sydney fireworks so amazing is having them over the harbour. What makes the Sydney fireworks so terribly oppressive, time consuming and stressful is having them over the harbour! Melbourne fireworks are completely different. If you can see the skyline, from anywhere in the Melbourne CBD, you’ll see the fire works, as they are generally shot from the tops of buildings or nearby parks.

It means there’s no need for a crush of people. There’s space for everyone. No matter which major street you’re standing on, you’ll usually be able to see them.

But, for me, having seen many types, I wasn’t really that excited, to be honest.

So, I was completely surprised to find a huge crowd of happy revellers and a DJ playing 90s music in Flagstaff Gardens. Plenty of room for everyone and lots of fun.

Fireworks Platform in Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Victoria Australia

I was ecstatic to find that one of the fireworks platforms was just a few metres away from where I was standing.

To feel the rumble and sound of the fireworks going off brought back memories of the times I spent with fireworks at my parents and friends places when I was a kid. To be close to it going off then exploding overhead, the smell and the sound – it was amazingly awesome! So, now I’m back to enjoying fireworks again!

In tribute to this, I have created a quick video for you of the 2016 to 2017 Flagstaff Gardens Melbourne Fireworks display. It only goes for 5 minutes so won’t take long to watch. Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2017, and I recommend checking out the Melbourne New Year’s Eve Fireworks to greet 2018 next year!

Check it out here:

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