Ninja Cafe Restaurant Izakaya Akasaka Tokyo Ninja Girls and Crazy Food!

Went to an amazing place called Ninja Restaurant.

Even the food menu was unique and was a scroll available in Japanese and English.


Taken by a ninja girl who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, through various hidden doors, up and down secret stairs and across a broken path that we could cross thanks to a suddenly lowering drawbridge after a few sharp claps, to a secret, private restaurant room.

We were served by 7 different ninjas including a magician ninja who did card and coins on a ribbon tricks.

They were surprising too. The door would suddenly be slid aside and the next ninja would be there to serve us.


Star knife pate shurikan was a plant in a pot with crunchy black stars hanging from it and a soft star shaped pate to put them in.


Fois gras sushi was melt-in-your-mouth creamy and the soy sauce and herb added some zest.


The Sazae shells were amazing. I was able to remove most of the butter oil and garlic seasoning that filled the shell and eat the snail-like shell-fish underneath. Very similar in taste to fresh escargot in Paris. Watch the video to see how they were brought in by one of the ninja waitresses.


The salmon was a little overcooked but enjoyable, the sauce making up for that.


We also enjoyed some great drinks (including a cleopatra cocktail, shochu and Yamanashi red wine)

(See my Chateau Mercian Yamanashi Bailey A Muscat Unfiltered Red Wine Commentary Review Tasting Video here )


While the experience was unique, novel and interesting, the prices were higher than we expected. There was a room charge and a service charge and while most of these unique cuisines are unlikely to be found in other restaurants, they weren’t very filling. The requirement to be able to attend the restaurant was a minimum spend per person of about 4000 Yen, which we thought was reasonable. However, after the charges it ended up costing over 10000 Yen, and we hadn’t really ordered that much. The serving size for the drinks were also underwhelming. However, I believe customers return for the experience, not the price or the quantity of food.

If you’re looking for a place to have a great night and not worry too much about the price or size of the food, then you’ll have fun at this Ninja Restaurant in Akasaka.


Ninja Akasaka: Address: Japan, 〒100-0014 Tokyo, Chiyoda 東急プラザ赤坂 永田町 2-14-3


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