Tsukiji Fish Markets, Tokyo, Japan. Nearby Restaurant Serving Sushi, Sashimi, Sea Urchin, Kamenote and more.


Awesome breakfast this morning.

The Tsukiji Tokyo Fish Markets were closed (they sometimes close randomly on a Wednesday, even if the website guarantees they’re open!) so we headed to a great sushi place nearby where we tried some amazing seafood, including sushi such as sea urchin, tuna, snapper, squid, octopus and others, as well as hot and juicy rock worms which have an outer shell that looks a bit like turtle hands (kamenote – you can find them on the rocks at various beaches around the world). We also enjoyed a bowl of  chirashi ( a bowl of various sashimi) with miso soup, and a piece of whale sushi.

The whale tasted different to what I’d had in Tokyo before so I guess it was probably from a different part of the whale. It tasted closer to raw and salty horse, rather than seafood flavoured beef, so I’m guessing it was from the body rather than the more prized tail area. Even so, an interesting flavour. You can find whale sushi, sashimi, steak, skin and other parts in most good sushi restaurants in Japan. Ask for Kujira.






Here’s a video of how to eat Kamenote


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