O Crab Sydney Crab Restaurant Crab House and Craft Beer Bar

O Crab Sydney Crab Restaurant Crab House and Craft Beer Bar

I was absolutely amazed by the service at O Crab in Chatswood, Sydney, a fantastic crab restaurant. We went there to enjoy a pot of crabs, prawns, vegetables and seafood chowder, along with some delicious craft beer, and we weren’t disappointed.

O Crab Restaurant Chatswood Sydney
O Crab Restaurant Chatswood Sydney

Crab Restaurant Tools!

What really impressed me about this crab restaurant was what they gave us to eat it with. In tourist places like Darling Harbour or Cockle Bay Wharf, when a pile of seafood is served, you’re usually just given a lemon water bowl to rinse your fingers in, after pulling apart the food.


If you’ve chosen crab or lobster, that lemon water bowl gets pretty yukky after a few dips and you’ll be regularly requesting it changed, especially if you’ve ordered a lot of messy food. O Crab gives you plastic gloves, scissors, pics, an apron and a wooden mallet to help you smash open the crab without making a mess of your clothes. This is a much better option and I’m surprised most seafood restaurants don’t offer it, especially when a good pair of scissors can be bought for less than $2.


Amazing Crabs

But the big surprise was the giant crab and other seafood pot. The crabs were amazing. Succulent and juicy, cooked to perfection. We had three crabs in the special meal we chose. The waiter offered their crab special with different crabs so we were able to enjoy the different flavours. Alaskan Snow Crab, Alaskan King Crab, Blue Swimmer Crab and an abundance of seafood. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed every last morsel. So much so that I recorded myself eating it. (First time to do that!)


Craft Beer!

O Crab has an extensive bottled craft beer menu as well as other alcohol behind the bar that complements the taste of the crab. We enjoyed a few craft beers from their stonewall selection, definitely enjoyed their stout.


Clam Chowder

It’s difficult to find white and creamy clam chowder in Sydney so discovering it on the menu meant we simply had to make another order, even though we were full. Their seafood chowder was pretty close to clam chowder, and brought back memories for my partner of her clam chowder adventures in the USA. The chowder was served in a bread bowl, which was a delightful accompaniment to the already delicious night.

Book Online

O Crab wasn’t too full on the Friday evening we went there, and we’re putting that down to the long weekend, as the food was amazing and the service from our waiter was superb. If you’re planning to go on a Friday or weekend, I’d recommend booking via Dimmi just in case.


Take the Train

If you’re taking the train, turn left out of the turnstyles, then turn right and go down then up railway Street. After a few blocks you’ll see a building shrouded in bushes, trees and leafy plants. Look for the tiny O Crab symbol on the side of the building. Highly recommended.


Suite 2 / 9 Railway Street Chatswood NSW 2067
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