Review of a drinks Bistro in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan


We checked out one of the hidden bars in Tokyo. (There are thousands of these places!) I had a glass of Japanese red wine. The grape variety wasn’t known but was light and fruity with some strawberry characteristics.

We also had some assorted snacks. The food came quickly and was tasty.



This was more of a western bar rather than a Japanese one, and much of Shinjuku and Shibuya has been taken over by these tiny fushion bars. There is not much arm or leg room, the seats are tiny, though the chair design has been chosen so that you can store your bags underneath. A lot of things in a very compact area. The bar itself is about a metre wide but was stacked high with many possible drinks. I got to have a glance at the kitchen too which was also tiny but efficient.

Tiny but fun bars Tokyo style!




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