Secret Sydney Bars Walking Tour Guide 2014. A Guide to Finding Over 37 Interesting, Unique and Hidden Bars in Sydney City, from The Rocks to City Centre

Secret Sydney Bars Walking Tour Guide

Secret Sydney Bars ebook! Do you love craft beer, wine, whiskey, sake and other alcoholic drinks? Do you love exploring different bars? Are you always trying to find a new bar to experience?
Sydney features a lot of hidden bars in many strange and wonderful places like in forgotten laneways, at the back of basement shop hallways and down fire escapes. Even locals don’t know where many of them are. This guide will show you where to find some of them and give you a brief idea of what to expect in a walking tour format.

Featuring ratings on selection and affordability, address details, links and commentary on over 37 bars from The Rocks to the centre of Sydney, this handbook is ideal for not only helping you to discover new places to drink, it’ll also help you to take friends, guests or relatives on a walking tour.

The listings are in the order you would take people on the tour for the most efficient use of the time with the least amount of walking distance between the bars. Start at Circular Quay and finish on Market Street. Visit each bar in order from 1 to 37, or include the optional extra tour to extend the amount of bars to 42! If you spend a short time in each bar (just looking) the walking tour should take 3 hours. If you spend some time drinking, a lot longer than that! The information could also help you start setting up your own walking tour business.

There is an active index at the end of the guide as well as other commentary throughout. The links are also active so if you still have trouble finding the bars, you can click on the links and be taken to each bars’ website for further details and directions.

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We hope you enjoy your bar walking tour.

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