Five Barrels Brewing Craft Beer Wollongong

Five Barrels Brewing Craft Beer Wollongong

There are a number of bars in Wollongong that we have visited and many of them offer different experiences. Great views, lots of space for seating etc. We avoided the more well-known ones to instead focus on three that look great but probably need a bit more exposure.

These are all good in their own way, and the numbering is not in any particular order. Check them out!


1. Five Barrels Brewing

Our first stop was Five Barrels Brewing. This place is far away from the main shopping areas, down past a number of industrial complexes and warehouses, so we were concerned we’d walked too far. On a cold, windy, rainy day in the dark, it is a bit difficult to find. Thankfully we were able to make it about 20 minutes before closing and got to meet Phil, the owner/manager/bartender/creator of some amazing craft beer. His is a family business with his father helping with the barrels and his mother and sister selling beer at various markets.


The area is set up for casual drinking. Some snacks are available behind the bar and you can also buy some of the beer in bottles from the fridge. A really neat set-up.

The place is cozy with ample seating for groups and has a number of lounge chairs available.

We liked the style and the ambience but we did go on one of the slowest nights of the year in Wollongong so we expected there not to be that many people around, especially with a game about people throwing an inflated piece of dead cow at each other being played in all the sports bars. Not sure what that is all about. Origin something.


At Phil’s we chose the oyster stout and milk stout and weren’t disappointed. Delicious brews ideal for a cold night, but definitely something we enjoy all year round. Certainly neither of us understand the penchant for just brewing and offering pale ales and lagers. It doesn’t happen in the UK so why does it happen here when we inherited many of the UK’s beer drinking customs? So, now we know of one place we’ll always be able to get a dark beer at in Wollongong, no matter what the season. We’ll be back!


If you’re in the area, check it out. Five Barrels Brewing Website here

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