The Three Chimneys Craft Beer Wollongong

The Three Chimneys in Wollongong

It was a little difficult for us to find The Three Chimneys. One of the things about Wollongong that is slightly disturbing is that many of the streets don’t have signs. It’s really not designed for tourists. Either we need a mobile GPS indicator showing us exactly where we are, or we need to continually ask directions.


So, finding our way from Five Barrels Brewing to The Three Chimneys was a bit nerve wracking in the dark on a rainy night with slippery footpaths. Still, Google Maps didn’t let us down and we made it to the address on Crown Street…
…and were greeted by construction work and nothing at the address!

Having reached a point of annoyance with the lack of signage I searched for their website online and found a number and called. The address that they have been designated is not the actual address that their entrance is at. It’s actually in a laneway around the back. In Sydney city, if you see construction, you assume it is closed, as most businesses only open for 6 to 12 months. Lucky I called as being used to constant change, we would have gone somewhere else assuming it had closed. I hope the Wollongong council offers to put signage up on Crown Street so that people can easily find the place.

In any case, the kind lady on the phone had a spiel ready (she’d obviously got this question ten times a day) and we were given easy to follow directions. Look for the Zambrero sign, go through the corridor of shops on the left, out to the back lane, turn right and walk up the street a little.


Found it. What a relief. Though the beer I was going to try wasn’t there and the chardonnay they had wasn’t the one on the list, so I’m guessing Wednesday might be delivery day.

The Three Chimneys is an eclectic bar. There are basically four businesses going on in one place, which can make sales difficult as food and drink are usually sold separately. A lunch cafe, a craft beer bar, a bakery and a bistro. The guy behind the bar was helpful and put everything through the food counter as we decided to try their signature chicken wings.


We chose a lager and a glass of chardonnay, along with some chicken pieces at the special Wednesday offer of 99c per piece (minimum 10)


These were crunchy and delicious and ideal for a cold night.

If you wish to find it, the easiest option is to turn right down Ethal Hayton Walk and turn left into Town Hall Place and you’ll see the entrance opposite some elephant mural wall art.


Our short stay there was nice but as it is really a converted warehouse, the cold weather was getting to us so we left early.

We also wanted to try another place we’d heard about in Globe Lane, called… find out tomorrow!

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