The Little Prince Wollongong Wine and Craft Beer

The Little Prince Wollongong Wine and Craft Beer

The Little Prince is right at the end of Globe Lane, just off the main shopping mall strip in Wollongong. We found it from the Burelli Street end.

The Little Prince Wollongong Wine and Craft Beer Restaurant
The Little Prince Wollongong Wine and Craft Beer Restaurant

Stylish and sophisticated exterior with tree limbs poking through the interior, and interesting use of wood made this a really nice place to chill. I could see myself sitting, drinking and writing in a corner somewhere.


We were impressed with the heating too. We had no idea Wollongong would be that cold in June and really didn’t want to go anywhere else. (Then again, it’s probably just me as I start shivering and lose feeling in my hands and feet for any temperature lower than 20 degrees!)


We stayed for a Peril Stout and Cabernet Merlot and chose some comfortable seats at the back. Outside the pub bar restaurant there was even more seating, though as it had been raining, much of the outdoor areas were wet. There were still some undercover outdoor places with lamp heaters. Definitely an easy going and nice place to relax if you prefer outside or are a smoker.


My feeling was that it was more a stylish restaurant than a bar. Even so, the setup was as a relaxed bar style service, so it made it all the more attractive. (Where most of the restaurants we go to have a food with drinks restriction, finding one where we can just order the drink is much more pleasant. Especially if we have already eaten elsewhere.) Their menu looked very interesting and had some tasty food options like sake chicken as well as some vegan and gluten free options.


I recommend checking The Little Prince out for its sophisticated atmosphere, stylish decor and interesting drinks selections. Oh, and they have notices up in the toilets about not tolerating any disrespect to anyone and that all expressions of life are welcome there, which is great to see. (I guess there are a few young phobics in the Gong so that kind of notice is needed.)

Definitely a nice ending to our fun and eventful day in Wollongong.

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